About AE

Although a personal place for me to pour out curiosities and events, I’d like to think that Annihilate Everything can become a place for honest and lively discussion.

If you’re here expecting hype and blinkered support of one point of view then you’ve arrived at the wrong blog. I don’t promote or review items here just my views which can obviously change over time.

History, moments and tag lines

‘Celebrating Nothing’ was originally used as the title of the first version of this blog on a different platform.


  • November 23rd. Blog retired.
  • November. 500 page views recorded.
  • July. Year2 begins.
  • June. Stats for the first year here.
  • April. 300 page views recorded.
  • March. Began YouTube channel dmo plays. Videos discussing The Long Dark begun.
  • January. Added tagline – ‘To define everything is to annihilate much that gives us laughter and joy.’ (Madeleine L’Engle).


  • December. Adjusted ‘Archives’ widget to show yearly output of posts.
  • November. Dropped the ‘Celebrating Nothing’ tag line.
  • September. Moved blog to WordPress and renamed it ‘Annihilate Everything’. Tag line, ‘Celebrating Nothing’ used.