Hateful of hobby

I have a number of hobbies and there are times where I probably feel that the number is far too great. Yet each has its ebb and flow and I know without them I’d be a poorer person mentally. The pleasure I derive from them is also a very good safeguard and indicator of low mood.

Those hobbies that don’t fit or lose their sheen, do tend to ebb into inactivity. I find this all a healthy way to approach my leisure time(although I wish there was more of it!). I very rarely attribute negative thoughts towards any of my hobbies and have learnt to appreciate them for what they give me rather than being swept up in the politics that any big business is normally engulfed in.

To only have one passion, one sole hobby just wouldn’t suit my personality. Yet there does seem to be many of this type of persuasion. The media would normally class these folk as obsessed rather than passionate but either way is it healthy to be like this? Where do you go when that sole passion begins to be distilled by negative influences? When the joyful activity then turns to a hate-filled tirade on social media(am looking at you gamer gate), isn’t it time to reflect on what drew you to the hobby in the first place?


5 thoughts on “Hateful of hobby

  1. Aaron Lee

    So much to see, so much to do, and so little time to experience it all in.

    If it’s a lack of time that’s cooking your noodle, I’d recommend making yourself a list of the things you like to/want to engage with in your leisure time, and then deciding which of those are your biggest priority.

    So far as our sweet gaming haven goes, I suggest tuning social media and gaming news out for a week or so, if the negativity is getting to you. Why not continue with some of those 250-page books of yours?


    1. David Osbon

      I personally feel I have a good balance of hobbies and would hate to just have one to rely on. Really the post was trying to identify that those that ‘obsess’ over one hobby tend to be overly-protective of it.


      1. Aaron Lee

        Ah, I see. True in a way. But to me its seems to be more about their personality, and tolerance of others, rather than the number of hobbies or interests they have.

        You can meet some people who have zero ‘hobbies’, yet the interests they engage with are considered socially acceptable for their age/gender/ethnicity/social class (ie soap operas, gossip mags, X Facter OR watching football OR even religion). Some of these people can be perfectly pleasant, others not so much.

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    1. Aaron Lee

      Oh, very much so, I reckon.

      If everyone on the planet – or, at the very least, those in power and those of use who have the privilage to spend money on leisures – when through the experience of living a dramatically tougher or different life to their own for a year or so, I reckon some people would behave very differently to the way they do.


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