Pre E3 thoughts – Adr1ft

My list of games I’m interested in that will see the light of day in 2015 may be nominal. But I’m adding Adr1ft to the top go that very, very short list. It’s slated for September and I’ll be interested to see if a new gameplay video – that differs from those previous including the above – is shown at E3.

The video above shows 9 minutes of choreographed gameplay that we have come to expect from developers – that can lead to disappointments galore when final release arrives. If anything I’m sure there will be more of the same at this years E3 but if you’ve missed any of the recent points about Ad1ft, here are but a few:

  • The EVA suit will need repairing. At the outset there will be a trade-off between using oxygen for breathing vs. extra propulsion.
  • 5 main areas of play within the game.
  • Crew members personal items can be located and collected for the return to Earth. Something to give their loved-ones.
  • Game length will be around 4hrs.

If I dig up anything else before E3 that I like the look of, well then you’ll see another post similar to this. Otherwise a post-E3 will follow but only if I’m inspired enough!


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