Live blogging my Read-a-thon – #20in48 for Myaware

To find out what this is about by reading this post first!

Live blogging

  • 19:29. Well that’s me done. I’ve read as much as I can for now. I may get in one more volume of YTLM before the 48hrs is up. Thanks goes to those who supported my attempted.
  • 1:24pm. Will read volumes 5 through 10 of YTLM but if I need a break will switch in others from the list.
  • 12pm. Onto my seventh book; decided to rearrange the order and move the reading order so that I’ll get the best from the experience.
  • 10:41am. Alex+Ada and Ex_Machina. My two favourite AI stories since Blade Runner.
  • 1st June 10:17am. Back to YTLM.
  • 23:58pm. All done for the first day. Just under a quarter read. Happy! was a poor link in my chain so far.
  • 3:01pm. With Alex + Ada volume 2 read I’m now up to my third book read. Such a nice pace to the story and the artwork is superb. Next up is Happy!
  • 11:50am. Second volume Y The Last Man read. Starting to develop nicely.

  • 31st May – 9:31am. First book read. Began volume 1 of Y The Last Man just after midnight and after a good nights sleep, have just finished it. Onto volume 2.

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