Life support

Can you believe I’ve stuck to writing this blog for almost a year? By keeping this blog alive, my hope of breaking the cycle of starting then stopping a blog(usually after 6 months or so) has finally been broken. It’s a small achievement that I hinted at in the very first post here and one that I’d almost forgotten about. That said, these small victories need to be recognised and this week past has been rather dull on my senses. So I’m claiming it and finally have a home for my thoughts online that should now survive my whimsy.

33 posts and climbing

By posting again during June will mean that I’ve continuously posted for the last 12 months. The volume of posts may not be huge or on the scale of the #oneaday postings of Peter D.’s blog – some excellent posts here – but I’ve kept the momentum going longer than I’ve done for years.

Since I began blogging, back in 2006, I’ve struggled to hold my ground when keeping to that old mantra of ‘writing for yourself’. Once you’re off that track, well that’s when troubles begin. Believing that posts need to be written to keep your ‘audience’ engaged and returning for more is the worst advice I ever read.

Fuck that.

Life is too short to be pandering to the masses. If I can only manage a post or two a month but have kept my sanity in check and my words sincere then that’s the way it’s gonna be.

Here’s to the next 12 months!


2 thoughts on “Life support

  1. Ysharros

    Some people are good at writing for audiences, some aren’t. I am most definitely not, and when I started to is when *my* blog ended up on life-support. Advice isn’t one size fits all. For me, if what I’m writing doesn’t entertain me or get something off my chest, then there’s no point to it.

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  2. David Osbon

    Thanks Ysharros.

    Am not sure I’ve got the patience to write for an audience now. Am happy to write for other sites and have done so. But once it becomes a demand to get a post written in a specific time that’s when I mentally push against finishing a piece.


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