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There are times when a video game will totally blind-side me.

I didn’t know Visceral Games↵ had developed Battlefield Hardline. For those of you that don’t know, Visceral where the team to develop and release Dead Space back in 2008,  a game I enjoyed greatly. Having a ‘guest’ developer come in and freshen things up is something I’d like to see more of in the future. That said, Battlefield will be Battlefield, as Call of Duty will be Modern Warfare.


Thinking back, Dead Space was probably my game of 2008. It blended survival horror, along similar smoldering lines of the original Alien movie, with some nice storytelling and a twist on combat(weapons created from modified tools). I didn’t care much for the sequels but the original premise of an engineer trying to survive against an unknown alien species while in space had me hooked from the start. Last years Alien Isolation owed some of its own success from the trailblazing that Dead Space produced, 6 years earlier.

Another title from 2008 – Condemned 2: Bloodshot – had other elements I like to see in a police procedural game. Forensic gathering and analysis are a nice way to gather story elements and move gameplay forward but it was fairly simple point, scan and analysis. Some of this technique is evident with the mobile scanner in Battlefield Hardline. Still I don’t think developers have moved this on enough. Maybe this is from an element of fear that a game developed too hard on the side of detection will be a turn-off. One thing I’ve learnt about AAA titles is it’s all about retaining the status quo; Multiplayer is KING.

First SP of the year, done

I’m still too scared to take on the Cleric Beast in Central Yharnam and so instead resorted in the gentle SP of Battlefield game. With that now complete – and a several hours of MP harpooned – I’m beginning to tremble at the thought of heading back into Bloodborne. From how the area of Central Yharnam has taught me how not to fear the ‘Your Dead’ screen to how small triumphs feel like…well like superhuman feats, Bloodborne is a game I can certainly see myself coming and going from throughout 2015.

How’s your gaming treating you?

*Sorry couldn’t resist!


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