A few thoughts on Cobain – Montage of Heck

Although I’m glad to have seen it last Thursday, Cobain – Montage of Heck was a painful watch that should’ve been about 30 minutes shorter. I’m a little at odds with whether I liked the film or if it was something I needed to see(rather than wanted).

The first half of the documentary was the standout part; it allow me to see Kurt’s family discuss how hyperactive he was as a child(which ultimately lead to some unruly behaviour). But it also allowed a glimpse of a Kurt Cobain who was/and still is loved by at least some of his family. It’s the second half of the documentary that I have a few issues with.

Once the introduction of Kurt’s wife, Courtney Love, comes into play I began to feel like there was a far more controlling influence over what I was being shown. Much more was made of the media clippings(negative rather than the positive) and far less of the impressions of Kurt’s nearest and dearest. This, I believe, is where the documentary lacks objectivity and becomes a far bleaker look at how some of the media interpreted Kurt and Courtney’s marriage.

Overall Cobain – Montage of Heck gave me a glimpse into the world that Kurt struggled with but I still feel that it was a little too carefully controlled in the last half.


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