Patching 21%

Who knew?

After 2014 being enveloped by the disappointing PS4 releases, it takes a game from my distant past that pushes me to engage with the world of PC gaming. So yes, since posting here last I have struggled with my new PC crashing out of Elite Dangerous due to out of date BIOS. It took a little bit of patience to discover the cause but from that point on…pure bliss.

There comes a time when art imitates life to such a degree that the two align in perfect harmony

Elite Dangerous satisfies the explorer/hunter in me but also allows the freedom to create a story from these activities. Yay to no half-boiled, tacked on narrative!

I’ve enjoyed reflecting on the emotions I had with the original Elite when I was a 14 year. 30 years feels a long time gone but the emotions from that time are still, thankfully, intact.

We say ‘no’ to preorders

From the poll in the first Patching post we have some interesting results;

100% state they haven’t ordered any preorders this year. This is good to see. As consumers we should vote with our pockets; 2014 was a great year for hype but a poor year for quality with Watchdogs being the pinnacle of hype over product.I’ll keep the poll open as it’ll be interesting to see if this trend continues throughout the year.

For me, this is the year I wait and see before I part with my monies and this has already paid off – see The Order 1886.

I no longer have a preorder to my name. Saying that I do still have a few games that I’m looking forward to in 2015:

  • Firewatch(PC/Mac)
  • The Long Dark(PC/Mac)
  • Bloodborne(PS4)
  • The Division(PS4/XB1/PC)

With Uncharted 4 now a 2016 release my list for this year is rather short. Mass Effect 4 could be a 2015 release but in the same breath, The Division could be pushed out into 2016.

I’ve paid into the early access Alpha of The Long Dark with the sandbox part of the game only currently available. The story mode and full release have a tentative 2015 release date which I’m eager to see. Bloodborne will be released on the 27th March and although I’ve not played any of the Dark Souls series I will be watching as much on YouTube to gauge whether  a purchase is on the cards or not.

Currently the most promising title for 2015 is Firewatch from newly formed studio Campo Santo. I stumbled across this last night via the below video and anyone that knows me, I love a narrative-based game.


A new departure

A YouTube channel by me? Surely not??

Ah yes I’ve now taken the plunge; dmo plays is the channel where I’ll discuss my PC/PS4 gaming with some play-through and impressions videos. I’ve talked a little about The Long Dark – with a new video due next week dependant on an upcoming game update – and will begin a series of videos, as I play the entirety of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, this coming week.

Those of you interested in hearing me talk about gaming, you can find my channel here.


4 thoughts on “Patching 21%

  1. Aaron Lee

    Nice to hear you managed to fix your PC BIOS. Poor communication of technical problems that are spotting your game(s) are always frustrating, and one of the things that I still don’t enjoy about PC/Mac gaming.

    I’ve got my eye on Bloodborne. I picked up Demon’s Souls back when Namco released it here in the UK. I’m still yet to get into it at all, but I do intend to try. Bloodborne is the one ‘tough’ Japanese PS4 game I would like to get into, just because it ‘looks’ like it plays as good as it looks. I can only hope so. That said, having seen Giant Bomb’s Quick Look of Final Fantasy XV, I am, strangely, interested to see more that game. I’ve never gotten into any FF games, despite buying one or two, and following previews for some of the more recent ones. I like the Monster Hunter-like leanings, and action RPG gameplay of the new one.

    Wow. That Firewatch game is looking seriously good! I can see why its become your most anticipated 2015 game. Boomboxes, smack talk, complex love lives, mystery (I wanna know what happens next already) and a cool art style. I like it. Seems very original; the vocal stuff really impresses me. I get a Gone Home vibe from it, too.

    Still haven’t caught up with your YouTube videos just yet, but I will do. Ethan Cartar looks amazing. I was reading some of the 2014 previews about it a few weeks ago. Love the premise. Seems like what I was hoping Alan Wake would be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. David Osbon

      I never looked at the Dark Souls titles but the word on the street is that Bloodborne plays like it looks. I’ve decided to pick it up soon rather than later.

      Here’s to hoping that Firewatch remains a 2015 release.


      1. Aaron Lee

        Nice. I had a look at Giant Bomb’s Quick Look of Bloodborne. You’re right.

        Certainly looking forward to any thoughts or gameplay videos you have to share on it, once you’ve played it. The enemy designs are deliciously creepy.

        Liked by 1 person

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