Patching 33%

Welcome to the first Patching post!

For 2015 (and possibly beyond) I will be posting from a rounded, more general point of view with regards to what has interested me within the sphere of games. You may notice that this series of posts will have a % of patching in the title. This does have a logic to it, as it keeps the series identifiable, but don’t expect to see a natural incremental value each time. The value is more so that posts don’t have a 1,2,3 value and so make them a little less obvious(yes, I plan to confuse you!). Expect to see content in these posts vary from time to time but the main thread holding it all together will be my thoughts on what I have experienced directly or from what I have seen from others.

This War is Mine

If you know me well then the thought of spending time with a game on my MacBook Air is normally a big fat nada. If I had planned to game on anything but a console I would have gone for a pure gaming PC. I’m happy with my PS4 and sure last year I felt very underwhelmed with the first full year of releases on this platform. But 2015 will still see me, in the main, sticking to PS4 releases with one main change in attitude(I’ll talk more about this later in this post).

So what made me buy This War is Mine on OS X? Other than I new it would run on my system with the spec. I had watched a number of gameplay videos on YouTube that reinforce my opinion of how well the emotion depiction of surviving during an occupation in wartime was represented. Resource management is so key to surviving until the day of liberation comes(which I believe is randomly generated). There are some very tough calls to make when food, heating and morale are all low. One other impressive note to make is in the way the animations have been worked into such small character detail. There’s been some good attention paid to this with nice emotes – there’s no voice acting in this game – and dialogue bubbles. But you must have a good eye on all that is happening on-screen, as you could miss some of this fine work.

The Walking Dead – Season 2

Fantastic first season from Telltale Games and now as Clementine I can role play the character how I think she would be, after the events of the first season, via the dialogue choices. My thinking is that it is sometimes better to say nothing, and I’ve done that far more often, just because it felt the right choice. Clementine is a far tougher character than in the first season where many lessons where learnt.

I’ve played two of the chapters so far but taking my time not to fly through the remaining chapters. It could be a little wait before season three arrives!


Last year I had a wide number of preorders, some of which I now know I should have not purchased. For 2015 my attitude has been adjusted so that I have just two preorders; Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End & The Division. These two titles have impressed a positive opinion on me and I hope that they aren’t delayed and pushed over into 2016.

I’m curious on how you view preordering – do you bother to or do you wait for the reviews to help make your decision? Here’s a poll…

No more ‘Trophy Lore’

The post series that I ran last year focusing on PSN Trophies didn’t work out how I’d planned it. In 2015 I’ve decided to drop this post series with a more general post on what has kept my attention in the wide array of games. So if you see a post titled ‘Patching’ here then you’ll know the theme and what to possible expect from reading it (just read from the top if you’ve skipped to this point!).

Patching posts should be monthly but may be irregular with the overview of rounding up the last 30 days or so of game time.


2 thoughts on “Patching 33%

  1. Aaron Lee

    Firstly Dave, I don’t blame you in the slightest for dropping your Trophy series. After a brief-ish period of returning to finish off my mountain of unplayed 7th gen games last year, I’ve come to the bitter, but completely sane, conclusion that Trophies – and indeed all system-level achievement systems – are an utter waste of time right now.

    I have a whole draft post about multiplayer Trophies that I’ve not uploaded, as I’m still wrestling with how best to express my frustration with them and the whole online profile situation as a whole.

    Perhaps as an effect of this, I haven’t pre-ordered a single game this year. Partly it’s been my lifestyle changes, partly through the realised that I have too many games.

    I’m still conducting my ongoing mega-clean, though, and provided I can make some big changes, I plan to treat myself to a PS4 and Uncharted 4 at the end of the year. I just can’t say ‘no’ to more Naughty Dog.

    Though I seem to be going through a mid-gaming-life crisis right now, it’s terrific to hear about games like The War is Mine. That sounds really enrapturing. Puts me in the mood for Civ or Age of Empires.

    And The Walking Dead… sshhhsh. I’ve not played it, but all the things I’ve heard about it make me pine to give it a go. I’m done with shooting zombies (for the time being). I’d have to play this in short doses though, as I can only do so much horror and bleak, emotional lose.

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    1. David Osbon

      Since I wrote this post I’ve gone back into PC gaming with the release of Elite Dangerous(see my latest post). I can see myself being caught up in that environment for a long, long time to come. This doesn’t mean I’ll be neglecting my PS4 but I’ll be far more resistant to the hype machine.


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