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Since retiring all my comic book subs. at the tail end of last year I’ve turned my attention over to my backlog of graphic novel collections. Obvious choice had to be volumes 2,3 & 4 of Revival. I read the first volume back in January 2013 and then reviewed it in August that same year. I loved the setting and slow build of the story. The characters, which there are many, took awhile for me to warm too. But by the end of volume 3, ‘A Faraway Place’, my feelings had grown for a few of them. Reading comic books in this way – TPB format – suits me far better than having monthly subs. It was silly of me to try to negotiate my reading habits into a format that doesn’t suit but hey-ho…a little trial and error doesn’t hurt.

‘Escape to Wisconsin’, the 4th volume, will bring me smack up to date and has the bonus of the Chew/Revival crossover comic as bonus material. I’m currently reading this now while planning to follow this with volume 1 of Alex + Ada.


This is my 6th year using GoodReads and during most of those years I’ve taken up the annual reading challenge. Am planning to blitz the target I’ve set myself of reading 20 books this year. Why so sure? Well previous years have seen me struggle to even reach double figures…this year I’m planning my reading far better.

Graphic novels, and the backlog I have, should keep up my interest throughout 2015. Sure I’ll be adding to my current stack too. It’s down to me to make sure I don’t bloat my bookshelf with paperback fiction that’ll never get read. My hope is that as I plough through my backlog those paperbacks I have will also begin to get read.

No more ‘Page Count’

This post is the first in a planned continuing series of posts where I’ll be recording my reading habits, for better or worse. Posts shouldn’t be irregular and I may look to do so on a weekly basis. As I posted previously, this now means an end to the ‘Page Count’ post series.


3 thoughts on “Reader U1

  1. Aaron Lee

    Great post, Dave. I ended up halting my subscriptions to a glut of video game comic books two years ago. I’ve still got several I’ve not read (Deus Ex, Mass Effect, and all of the 22-issue Gears of War series). There’s also a fantastic series from Vertigo which you reminded me I still need to finish!

    TPB are much better. Best of my own backlog of physical media, I have, at long last, began to embrace the benefits of digital where possible. I’d love to be able to get into some new comics, so log as I got get the TPB digitally. I hear Comicxology is good, but there’s still some much DRM involved.

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  2. David Osbon

    Thanks Aaron.

    I know the benefit of digital but I’m just too much in love with print; be it books, magazines or comics. TPB allows me to read much more due to the low cost compared with the cost of individual issues.

    Look out for Alex + Abel – highly recommended.


  3. Aaron Lee

    Agreed, Dave. Print is still much better for long reads, as a) you don’t get screen burn, and b) you don’t get distracted by notifications / ads / brightness flickers.

    I’m still getting through a backlog of about five years of books now, so that’s part of my thinking behind putting physical copies of new books on ice.

    Cheers for that recommendation. I’ve added it to my comics wishlist.

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