Words Elsewhere November ’14

About time that I got down to it and came up with a review? And so this month I wormed out some thoughts on Alien: Isolation(you can find the link below). I’ll possible do a review of Far Cry 4 in December that should find its merry way to the land of the Hex’ before years end.

Hex Dimension

Other than the Alien: Isolation review – yes here’s the link – the new Assassin’s Creed got me excited but then dashed those impulses like dice against rocks. It has to be said that it’s a tough time being a fan of gaming. With so little that truly seems innovative this year, the industry seems to have begun some very heavy navel-gazing with a good pinch of bullying and bitching thrown in for good measure. 2014 is looking very much a year to forget.

The team at Hex’ has grown a little bigger with some nice post series that have run awhile now. It has a wide umbrella of focus and usually at least one new post a day. If your interested in contributing I know they are still looking for writers.


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