Trophy Lore numero 5

I can safely state, in a year of uninspired titles, that Alien: Isolation is my GotY. Last year I went with Tomb Raider and although 2013 also felt like a weak year for games these two titles have provided some great entertainment. Just a shame that the pickings have been that slim over the last few years. That said there are two preordered games yet to come before the years out – Far Cry 4 & Assassin’s Creed Unity – which should improve at least the second half of the year impressions.

State of play

Trophy Lore numero 5

Couldn’t have asked for a better time playing through the decks of the Sevastopol with a motion tracker and a flame thrower. I’ve yet to play the preorder DLC Crew Expendable but it’s up next on my turntable of delight. I hear it’s a rather short piece and with the remaining DLC releases looking not to be support the storyline this could be the last of the game I play. Have you played Alien: Isolation yet? If you haven’t you may want to read my review of the game over at Hex Dimension…it’s a gorgeous game with only one or two irksome moments.

PSN tells me that I now have 60% completion of Alien: Isolation and the one trophy I had hoped to gain – collect all the Nostromo logs – didn’t happen on this run. The logs themselves have been recorded by three members of the original Alien cast and the ones I have collected add a nice reference back to the original movie.

Unsurprisingly October was the best month for trophy collection since August(when the PS4 definitive edition of Tomb Raider was being played) and November could see that increase continue.

Up next

Two big games to see out 2014 should mean an excellent scalp of trophies for the next two months. I’m looking to develop this series of posts further in 2015 and the introduction of the graphic(created with Google Slides) that leads this post is just the first step.


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