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Oh dear…it does certainly look like I’m still unable to break the 400 page ceiling. After completing Annihilation, a mere 195 pages, I happily picked up the second book in the trilogy; Authority. After 120 pages my mental block took over and I just couldn’t get myself enthused to pick it up again.

Back at the ever-expanding book shelf I was scratching my head trying to make a decision on what to read next when a thought hit me. Simple as it was the ‘why don’t I just stick to books under 300 pages’ thought does have implications.

300 and under

By reading books with less than 300 pages means good news for my graphic novel backlog but much worse news for a sequel to a short book that breaks 300(see above). With this in mind I plan to stick to short books until the close of this year(2014).

I’ve just started reading The Explorer by James Smythe at 280 pages knowing full well the second book of The Anomaly Quartet, The Echo, peaks at just over the 300 mark at 320 pages. And as this sequel isn’t out in paperback until January 2015 it does give me time to see how the 300 and under works out.

Question now is picking the next set of books that keep my fragile attention intact. I know that placing a 300 page limit means I’ll miss some great books but what hurts me more is if I start a book that, no matter how good it is, will not get finished. It really does bother me.

So guys and girls am open to suggestions that you may have. But please. please I don’t need any that are graphic novels! Just novels that are 300 or so pages and under that you thought were excellent. I don’t mind what the genre is as long as it’s not romantic fiction or biographies.


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