Words elsewhere October ’14

November sees all the craziness that surrounds the NanoWriMo start again for those 30 days of the year. I have probably attempted the 50k target twice before but failed miserably on both occasions; am sure I wrote less than 30k on both. So with that said I can confirm that again I’ll not be participating. However writing a book is still one for my ‘bucket-list’ along with co-starring in a movie with Scarlett Johansson, Eve Green and Emily Blunt.

Hex Dimension

Just a few pieces for the Hex D. this month with one being posted under the possible regular feature, ‘I don’t do’. Interesting idea where the subject is given something to watch, read or play that they either don’t like or hardly do. Then asked a series of questions about the experience. In my case it was ‘I don’t do horror’ with the movie The Descent as the subject; you can read that post here. With the site running a Halloween themed month of posts during October I contributed on the Hex Film Picks – From beyond the grave.. and picked my first adult sci-fi horror classic Alien.

Now that I have taken on the title of Videogaming Section Head at Hex D. my writing of the site will no doubt be of a gaming centric. I hope to have a Destiny and Alien: Isolation reviews uploaded by the month’s end, although I’ll still feature in other sections of the site. So if there’s anything you feel I should be writing about then drop me a tweet, email or comment.


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