It’s all gone Samhain

I briefly spoke of the theme of posts currently being run over at Hex Dimension during October…the olde season of the witch is upon us! This is one of my favourite times of the year where among other things I can walk around my home in t-shirts whilst getting the ‘you’re making me cold’ comments from all and sundry.

Survival horror

The last time I completed a survival horror game was, let’s see, 2009 with Resident Evil 5(yes I did finish The Walking Dead season one in spite of what I just said!). It certainly had its flaws but there were elements of survival at within its core gameplay. Most titles that have followed rely so much on the action and not the survival element. I suppose every developer wants a big draw and the attraction of MP and FPS to the shooter fan-base is too hard to resist. Thankfully there are games still being developed like Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within. While I’m currently playing through the tough SP campaign in Alien: Isolation(I’m still more of a fan of third-person than first, I can get past that for titles that need to be experienced) and in the meantime had forgotten about the pre-order I had for The Evil Within(RE creator Shinji Mikami at the helm). It was a nice surprise to get the shipping notification this morning.

Same but different

With two survival horror titles to keep me amused through October there’s no need to worry that these experiences will be too similar. If say we forget the different settings and look at how game mechanics there’s a big difference in the way to approach each. Combat is almost non-existent in Alien: Isolation and you’ll spend most of the time evading, hiding and crafting. There’s also no auto-save and you have to be ready to hunt down save locations that can be a big challenge in itself.  The Evil Within has combat, has those auto-saves and is in the third-person. From what I can see this will mean some variety and shifting from one game to the other may allow me to appreciate both more.

How will you be enjoying this the season of horrors delight?


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