Reintroducing “Movie & Book”

During April 2013 I began an experimental series of posts that stumbled at the first jump. Said series was my ‘Movie & Book’ which I began with a re-read of The Hobbit followed by the newly released movie(for those interested you can find that post here). I enjoyed comparing the two medias while benefiting from a rounded experience of the original work. The initial post was fairly popular too and I had planned a follow-up post for Warm Bodies. Up ’til now I was sure that I posted a ‘Movie & Book’ for that zombie outing but it does seem my memory is off on this point.

Gone Girl onwards

To reintroduce this as a series of posts I’ll be watching Gone Girl this weekend with a retry at reading the book in the following weeks. It’ll be a tough ask as books over 400 pages make me shiver but I need to push through this barrier otherwise I’ll be missing out on some great reads.

If you’re curious to see what I have lined up after Gone Girl the best place to look is the list I have up on Letterboxd. I began using Letterboxd back in 2012 to record a diary of my movie watching and although I may not have made the most of the community there it’s still an excellent way to keep track of movies watched. There’s also some excellent reviewers there that I now trust to give guidance on title that I would otherwise miss.


Am happy to open this series up to suggestions on which book and movie you’d like me to cover in a future post. Before doing so just check I haven’t already made a point of already having your suggestion in my current list. I do need my book appreciation stretch a little so any thoughts from you will be appreciated.


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