Trophy Lore numero 4

So Autumn is here and I’ve had my birthday for the 44th time. YIKES!

It has been an age since I could announce that I’d reached level cap in any form of MMO; promised myself that those days were far behind me. Yet I now look at my character screen and see the ‘soft’ level cap of 20 in Destiny has now been reached by my Warlock. Sure we could quibble over whether Destiny qualifies as an MMO or not but the fundamentals of play are obvious to spot; questing, grinding, looting, PvP, PvE and weak story.

State of play

new trophy count 13; 1 silver, 12 bronze
total trophies 485

As with last post on the ‘Lore I gained the exact same number of bronze & silver. Most of which came from one game alone…

The last few weeks have been totally held over to playing Destiny with some FIFA 15 in there to break it up. The hunt now for armour with ‘light’ properties is now underway. Fortunately I have hooked up with someone at work (who use to be a guild mate in WoW) and we have begun some of the tougher strikes together. That being said I have had a better piece of gear drop from just doing patrols solo on Mars.

Next up…

There will come a point when grinding will become irksome and so will be glad of some good old storytelling hopefully with the Alien: Isolation release on the 7th. I truly hope that the recommendation I had for the game over Twitter just today will mean some excellent scares too:

As part of the horror theme of posts over at Hex Dimension, running throughout October, I have Alien: Isolation earmarked to review. If you’re a sci-fi horror fan what you do think of the game and are you planning on picking it up? To get me back into the world of Alien I plan to re-watch all the movies plus Prometheus again throughout October.

I just hope that Alien: Isolation can better the feel and depth that the original Dead Space produced when I played it back in 2008 – where have those six years gone?!?


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