Words elsewhere September’14

There are some good things to come over at Hex Dimension and I should be able to bring you up to speed on those soon. In the meantime I’ve been a little busier writing for the site this month and had two pieces posted; a opinion piece and a book review.

Hex Dimension

I’ve posted recently about how book reading can be a little difficult for me but when I choose the right book to read then don’t expect a fail. Warm Bodies was the first novel that caught me at the right time this year and I can now add Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer as the second. My review of this first book from The Southern Reach trilogy went up at Hex Dimension on the 16th September. At only 195 pages Annihilation gave me a gift of words within a neat and tidy page count. Am planning a review of both books two and three that should find their way onto HD site.

While I’ve never played Minecraft the sale of the game’s developer Mojang to Microsoft for $2.5 billion stirred something which I decided was worth a post. Thankfully the folk at Hex Dimension thought so too and my opinion piece on the sale went up on the 17th September. With the cost of developing and marketing Destiny said to be $500 million it really does make me wonder how long developers can sustain producing games at that high a cost?



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