Trophy Lore numero 3

The last couple of weeks, since the earlier post in this series, has seen me break into the thirties with Diablo III. It’s a game I’m happiest playing in shorter bursts especially since Destiny arrival. On the back-burner goes Metro Redux which I feel is growing on me. The annual FIFA release is now only 13 days away so that will be spun into the mix very shortly.

State of play

new trophy count 13; 1 silver, 12 bronze
total trophies 472

Most of my trophy haul since last time has come from Destiny play. There’s so much being said with some very mixed reviews that I’ve decided to ignore anything other than formative posts/videos that give me facts rather than opinion about Destiny. I want to discover for myself what I like or don’t like about the game rather than being lead by one gaming site or another.

The Warlock that I have levelled to 10 has yet to visit Mars and there’s more yet to discover on the Moon. With one strike complete and a few PvP sessions played I really can’t say I have a firm opinion with regards to Destiny(other than it’s a game I’m enjoying it thus far).

Turtle Beach

The new headset is working a treat both for gaming on the PS4 but also for the recent team meet at Hex Dimension. The ear pieces enclose the ear and are very comfortable without making them overheat – my ears not the P12!


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