Fly me to the Moon

A few days left to go before we see how well Bungie can deliver on the promise seen in the beta of Destiny.

Yeah there’s big talk of a ’10 year plan’ which realistically could mean anything from sequels to a mix of DLC and sequels. Bungie are obviously investing a lot of time, effort and capital into their new IP so it needs to succeed. We not talking just initial numbers here as 10 years means sustained interest to the scale of Blizzard’s very own World of Warcraft.

Sustain vs. the new shiny

It’s going to be a good test of Bungie’s marketing plan to keep the average gamer interested in Destiny beyond the first round of DLC releases. As a gamer I know only to well how the videogaming industry stacks releases around a seasonal timescale. Once a nice new shiny release comes into view low attentions and greater expectations will pull even the most devoted away from their most loved title. Loyalty is a very hard thing to earn but can be so easily thrown to the curb.

Prospects from a good premise

With so much current Sci-Fi set in far away fictional galaxies Bungie have done a good job twisting the focus back to our very own galaxy. It’s a smart move and for one I’m eager to see Venus, the Moon and hopefully the horizons beyond Old Russia on Earth in Destiny. Having that immediate emotional connection with the galaxy we live could be a big factor in holding the attention.

Prospects of future exploration on Europa, Saturn and Jupiter are very much an itch I want to scratch. And if done well initially, Bungie could maintain a solid base of players for a colourful future for Destiny. The exploration of worlds in our very own galaxy in a setting of mysteries to unravel and a civilisation to save (of course!) should have a very strong resonance with gamers.

Server Issues

Will first day issues with server crashes ever be a thing of the past?

This, if nothing else, would be the thing we’d all like to see not reported. But server issues do now seem to be part and parcel with each new game released. Believing that gamers want to experience a game world with each other, be it multiplayer or co-op play, seems to be at the forefront of game developers minds. Unsurprising really as much has been made of the social aspects of the now current generation of gaming platforms.

Did I keep my pre-order?

Back in July I talked about the value of pre-orders and what I still had in my own list for the rest of 2014. That list still remains and I’ve not added or removed titles from it. Destiny is one IP that should triumph where Watch Dogs failed in showcasing the PS4 and XB1 strengths on both visual and gameplay levels. But we all know that promise doesn’t always amount to much more than that.


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