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I’m a poor reader.

Every since I turned thirty my attention span has decreased to a level that books that contain 400+ pages rarely get finished. Could be I’m a slow reader and that hinders my attempts at getting past the 300 page mark. There’s also another reason that probably has contributed to my decline and it’s something that I only recently discovered.

Bionics and GoodReads

After a recent routine eye-sight check(something I haven’t had done at an opticians) the discovery that I had a stigma in my right eye came as a bit of a shock. I was told that I needed glasses to read. Now I hate having to wear safety glasses or even sunglasses so finding out that I needed reading glasses didn’t sit with me too well. But I have to say my concentration levels have improved greatly now that the printed page is so much clearer(no I don’t use a tablet/Kindle to read books).

The positive effect that my ‘bionics’ have over my reading may not show up as a stat on my GoodReads account yet. But I should now reach the goal I set of 20 books read in 2014.

Page Count

During 2014 I’ve used GoodReads to record my single issue comic books something which I will refrain from doing in 2015. I prefer to use GR solely as a diary for the printed books(paperbacks) of that forthcoming year. If I do read a TBP collecting a comic book then I’ll probably record it as a ‘read’. As I’m sticking with a core title that I sub. to I don’t see this happening much in the future.

Of course page counts don’t tell the whole story. There are all those factors of font type and size, line spacing and margin width that must make it hard to determine the average word count in a 400 page paperback?

I’m semi-curious…how has your reading year been so far? Do you use a diary like GoodReads to keep those memories date-stamped? Are you a slow reader like me? Have you found reading with glasses a benefit that you didn’t know you needed?


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