Trophy Lore numero 2

After the first of these types of posts at the start of the month August itself had two new PS4 releases that I ended up delving into. Both Diablo 3 and Metro 2033/Last Light are games I have tried before(Mac/Xbox360) but weren’t with me long.


Probably the most strikingly impression from the last few weeks of gaming has come from Diablo 3. You can see the moment in the above video which shows my character getting to go toe to toe with a Nemesis. For those not playing D3 a Nemesis is an Elite monster that began life by killing a friends player in their game of Diablo. Here’s where the fun begins; there’s then a random chance that monster(now Elite) can spawn into your game if you have the player in your friends list. If you listen closely you can hear an audio prompt just before the appearance in the video.

This has now happened to me twice. There’s also a nice touch being that if your character(as mine did) then kills the Elite then you gain a gift you can send to the player you avenged.

State of play

new trophy count; +2 silver, +8 bronze
total trophies 459

Completing the SP of The Last of Us has seen me move into the Factions MP which is surprisingly good. That is when you don’t have to deal with players that think this is another place to hone their Call of Duty ‘skills’. The pace and team work required to get the best from and enjoy Factions shouldn’t come as a surprise to those that have played the SP.

Majority of August has been taken up with Diablo 3. The first 30 levels have flown by for my Demon Hunter and am not more than half way into the 2nd Act of 5. It’s a vast game of killing and looting that plays extremely well with a PS4 controller. Not a game for those that need a good story-driven SP experience above all else.

One game I couldn’t pass up and wanted to give a second or is it third time to…eh…not sure is Metro. Released as a combo Metro Redux has both 2033 and Last Light games. I know there’s a big story in there which will give a rest bite to the full frontal carnage of D3.


Yes, a little side note time. I’ve now got a headset which is ideal for gaming with folk but also useful for other audio situations e.g. Podcasting, Hex D team meets etc. I may even try some gameplay video with audio commentary on YouTube but to be honest I hate the sound of my own voice.


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