A change of avatar

So yes I now have a nice new shiny avatar. I’m pretty pleased with the results which only came about from backing Tara’s kickstarter. As one of the stretch rewards an avatar, drawn by Tara, seemed perfect as I wanted an update to my online presence.

New career as a comic book character?

avatarprofileSeeing myself in comic book form has left me with a feeling I hadn’t expected. The more I see this new avatar there’s a sense that a comic book adventure is needed. It’s almost feels like an alter-ego just waiting to happen.

Sure there’s no stopping me writing something or indeed Tara may even include my character in a cameo in Roots itself(Tara?). But just from something as unique as having a new avatar created I now am being drawn into a whole new sphere of possibilities; what would be a story worth telling in the guise of myself? Fiction or factual? A combination of the two?

If there’s a progression with this line of thought I’ll update you all via this blog(and no doubt Twitter).


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