Words elsewhere August’14

As a passionate word junkie there are places on the Internet where I have written before (I’ll not mention the number of previous blogs started and then abandoned). I’m currently writing with a great team over at Hex Dimension. While I may not have posted a piece there since April the site itself is still a wonderful place for all things geek.

That being said an announcement at this weeks Gamescom stirred me back into action.

Hex Dimension

The reaction to Microsoft’s announcement regarding the sequel toTomb Raider took everyone by surprise. The original game was a multiplatform release that I enjoyed twice(PS3/PS4). It now seems that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be an exclusive to the Xbox platform at least at launch. It’s all very sad that gamers have to put up with this kind of marketing. We can all see through the veil that Microsoft are trying to place over the whole exclusivity. They want to sell more XB 1 consoles and believe this is one way of doing it.

Unfortunately all it has made me feel is contempt at both Microsoft and Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics for brokering such a deal that has left gamers in the dark. As it stands I have decided not to purchase future Square Enix or Crystal Dynamics products including any future Tomb Raider releases. Like you I still have a right as a consumer to buy what I want and not be bullied into buying what I don’t need.

I wrote a long rant here at Hex Dimension about the announcement.


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