Roots and why I backed it

There’s no bigger alien place for me than Kickstarter. I hadn’t looked over at what kookiness there was to be had there. My perception of it was…lets just say rather unflattering.

All it took was just one tweet from someone I have come to respect and that view changed for good.

A comic travelogue

Ireland is a country I have yet to visit but it is certainly one I hope to see before punching out my final card. Tara’s proposed trip to the country looking to discover her roots, already had a voyeuristic appeal. I could follow the trail she plans to blaze while taking note of places visited etc. But It’s when I discovered that she was going to document her trip into a comic book travelogue that I knew I had to back her Kickstarter. Thankfully Tara’s comic travelogue will now see the light of day, as the funding was reached and surpassed.

With her trip being later this year she has decided to update people who did part with their monies to a blog that shows the progress of her planning. The comic itself will be an ambitious 100 pages in length but if you factor in the three weeks of travel material Tara will have from here Ireland trip it does seem to measure up.

Balance of risk

So yes, there is a risk here but as with gambling I only bet what you can afford to lose. I’ve invested in Tara’s project because I feel it’s fairly unique. The comic will be a great product that will come from a real rather than imagined experience. Most comic books I have read are not rooted in anything other than the fantastic and fanciful. Reading Roots will be a refreshing change. I wish her fair and safe travels.

Tara Abbamondi will be spending 2-3 weeks in Ireland during late 2014. Roots: A comic travelogue is due on general sale in late spring 2015.


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