Trophy Lore numero 1

Fair warning – I’ll be discussing trophies in the ‘Trophy Lore’ posts. There will be highlights on games currently played/completed, whether there’s been any standout moments that have lead to a trophy and I may even report on trophy related news/research.

Safe to say if you’re not a fan of gaming or trophies then it’s best to look away when these appear!

State of play 2014

The year of the PS4 has not been a year that could be called a year full of ‘Next Gen’ gaming product. Improved graphics alone are not how I’d imagined game development to expand on. Tired gameplay, weak AI and predictable mechanics still need much work. I suppose these are early days still for  developers? There needs to be better days to come, days that will make me forget how quickly I tired from playing Watchdogs.

So…completed SP in 2014 has so far been rather ‘2013’. I replayed and finished both Tomb Raider and The Last of Us while I sandwiched Infamous Second Son between them. August will see me running a gauntlet through Sanctuary as a Demon Hunter. Once September arrives then both FIFA 15 and Destiny will be crossing my path. I’m not looking past these three titles as release dates seem to change so frequently now.

Trophy rarity

I’ve been looking at the way the PS4 and PSN track the rarity of trophies. It makes me wonder how often these are updated and what process is involved in tracking those updates.

A trophy can still be considered ‘rare’ at 22.7% (Let’s gear up – The Last of Us) makes me question at what percentage does one become ‘uncommon’? 50%?? While platinum trophies may always be ‘ulta rare’ for the good proportion of titles, a bronze trophy may also be for a time.

I find the rarity rating an interesting one to look at. Maybe Sony have already addressed how this works but I have yet to find this myself. Let me know if you have.


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