An MP I find interesting?

Life in the fast line is not what I’d go looking for. It’s a hat I’ve worn briefly at times but really I leave the bright lights to those it is more suited to. I like a more thoughtful journey and one that I take at my pace rather than being forced forward towards the abyss. I suppose this too is reflected in how I approach gaming sessions.

The multiplayer element of The Last of Us wasn’t a factor in why I paid for the PS4 remastered edition. I had already completed the story on PS3 but had avoided the multiplayer(the ‘fast lane’) as per my norm. My reasons to return were all about the story; at the time of the first play through I wasn’t in a great place mentally. I’ve felt that The Last of Us deserved a little of my attention and wanted to see if the game left a better impression the second time over.


At the half way point my brain began to switch concentration away from Joel and Ellie. It was possible that the second play through may slip away…but then I remembered that there’s DLC that I hadn’t played. Oh but I should finish the main story first…

OK at first my eyes rolled when my attention hoovered over the Factions multiplayer option in the menu. I had read that as MPs go Factions was less break-neck with higher emphasis on patience, team work and crafting. So a spin I did give It – nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

On this occasion that impulse to try the fast lane didn’t backfire. Meta games, considered and relevant links to premise of the story campaign with challenging but fair gameplay make Factions a very interesting(yes it is fun too) MP. Oh and did I mention that it’s a third-person MP? I do like a third-person view…what’s the point in the cosmetics of gear for your character(playing first-person) if you’ll never get to see it on?


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