More wolf less dog

By now, as a veteran gamer, I should know that you can always be caught out by a nice surprise. Last year the reinvention of Tomb Raider – a game franchise I had no empathy with made worst by the dour movie – became my favourite gaming experience in 2013. I’ve now played through the campaign twice on both PS3 and PS4.

Should every pre-order be a sale?

When it comes to gaming rarely do I cancel a pre-order. When I do it’s fairly probable that a twinge will draw me back to a purchase after release. It’s not something to get hung up about but can result in something like the following example:

Of sheep’s clothing and toothless bites

Watchdogs was a pre-order I kept while Wolfenstein: The New Order suffered the cut. But while my personal gaming history has taught me that 3rd trumps 1st person, I shouldn’t take it as a rule of thumb.

In this instance the wolf wasn’t afraid to wear its own clothes while the dog lacked the bite of its bark. While I have still to finish either game only one has engaged me enough to do so.

What bothers me more was the hype surrounding Watchdogs leading to my belief that it was the ‘first’ full scale next-gen experience. Lesson still not learnt; don’t believe the hype machine!

Onboard the bus to Shrewdville

Being shrewd with which pre-orders to keep for the remainder of this year(2014) is the only way to combat a glut of disappointment which looks to be on the cards at least for now.

For the remaining five months I have six pre-orders(all PS4):

  • August

The Last of Us 

Diablo III 

  • September



  • October

Alien: Isolation

Assassins Creed Unity

Bar Alien: Isolation these titles are what I’d consider ‘safe bets’. I had already sold my PS3 version of The Last of Us after completing it. My feelings were mixed at the time of playing it but I do want to experience it again and the DLC is something that I have yet to play. I had Diablo III for my Mac before selling it on as I don’t like using my laptop to game. FIFA I always buy and enjoy while Destiny seems to be a better title than I first thought after trying the alpha(beta downloaded as this post was being written). AC Unity with it’s French Revolution setting and back to land based adventures with four player co-op could be too good to miss.

Am interested to know what do you tend to pre-order? Is it the sure things or are you a risk taker?


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