Hung myself out to dry

Eight years of punching keys to get my chaotic thoughts to reproduce into something that others may find interesting…eight years! I have walked away a number of times during those years, only to feel my collar being pinched by those pesky devil urges that believe in my own self-importance. So while those urges are still with me…

Drug of choice

Writing is my drug of choice. I like how it makes me feel when I do it but those good-time effects wear off at a pace that makes me question the original reasons for doing so. In a way this blog – Annihilate Everything – is the realisation that writing is and can be much, much more than looking externally for acceptance or feeding ego so it grows to dominate proceedings.

The ash pile from burning hype

Dispelling hype, once forged, is truly difficult. I’ve been bitten so many times by hype which then lead only to disappointment. Recently the batch of ‘next-gen’ titles that followed the PS4 & XBoX ONE hardware has had me questioning my optimism for future gaming. Gaming is not the only entertainment to suffer from over-hyping but unlike most gaming is notable for the amount of engagement the consumer likes to indulge themselves in. The writing here, I’m hoping, will look to break the spell of hype that comes with modern living. And no that doesn’t mean this will be a feast of negativity either.

Rather Annihilate Everything is to be a re-dress and balancing of expectation with some critique. As with all good dialogue there has to be more than one side to the conversation. With that in mind comments will be left on for those that want to engage in this way. There had been a time – when blogging was new to me – that getting comments or indeed the lack of them had meant more than how I constructed my posts.

Chipping stone

With eight years of chipping stone now gone I’ve learnt that with so many voices craving to be heard that those with the biggest platform are not always the most equipped or even have anything new to say. A small platform like a personal blog is something I’ve really missed being involved with and no matter how long or little those pesky devil urges last, I’ll intend to enjoy every minute of it!


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